Read Hand Gestures Using Arduino

Introduction: Read Hand Gestures Using Arduino

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Hello Makers,

One of my favorite fields is the neurology science and the BCI systems(Brain Computer Interface) ,a way to read the brain waves and signals (from the electric activity of the neurons) and apply some-kind of signal processing in a way to identify the unique information behind these signals.In this approach we put electrodes on the skin of the subject to read the signals ,then transmit them to a chain of stages (preamplification,filtering,amplification,spectrum analysis...),and finally having in the output of the chain a command signal.To do that we need an EEG devices & modules which are not that cheap.

In this project i tried to create a way to read hand gestures with my own logic ;) (i don't need electrodes or priced modules B)).

I choose the simplest way:

-choose a gesture(random)

-connect a wires to identify it(check details to understand)

-use it to command things (use the infrared communication)

So,what are you waiting for,,Let's staaaart :

Step 1: Make the Arduino's Holder

The first thing is chosen a gloves ,and prepare a fixed place to the Arduino(the main component).

To ensure that i knitted a Sticky Back Velcro to the gloves using needle & Thread(be prudent with the needle,he could kiss you anytime :p).Choose the right measurement (Length) of the Sticky to be sure that the Arduino is well fixed.

I know that you can concept something more nice than mine.

Arduino Fixed======Move on

Step 2: Add the Small Components to the Glove

I soldered the 220Ohm resistance with the LEDs (Red and Blue) to add the superpower to the gloves.

And i did the same to the Infrared Transmitter who will play the role of the codes's sender ,each code refers to an single action/command in the other system.This means that the gloves send and i system receive and apply the programmed actions.

Finally i tag the the tree with files to the Arduino ports and i fixed them with the glue on the gloves.

Step 3: The Logic of Reading Gestures

In this stage ,we will apply two steps:

1)-choose a gesture : Subjoin two fingers is a contact ,we could identify it with two wires,each wire on a finger.In one wire we will apply 5V from the Arduino and in the other we will keep attach it to a port to the Arduino(An analog port).

So when attaching two fingers we will have an information about that in the analog port of the Arduino then the process begin.(in the pictures below there is three gestures that you can work with).

2)-Add the contacts : i used some pieces of metal connected to wires which one is a 5V and the other to an analog port(A0).

Step 4: The Receiver of the Action(from the Gloves)

Now it's the time to work in the other side.The receiver system is an Infrared receiver that reads the codes transmitted by the gloves and then the Arduino(in the receiver system) sends a command to the relay to change his state (if ON go OFF/if OFF go ON).

I choose to apply my commands on a bulb to switch it ON or OFF.

Because we are using the infrared communication we could apply these gestures to command increase the volume of the TV ,change the channel or turn off too.You have just to know which protocols the remote control uses.i would like to add it but the important is the logic/he principle of this project.

For the circuit is so much easy for you but in case of problem contact i will make it for you ;).

check the code below.

Step 5: Code of the Glove

Very simple ;)

Step 6: Project in Pictures

For the test check the video in the introduction

See you soon Makers.

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