Introduction: Reading MAN Lamp

The dimension of the figure: Width 16 x Length 16 x Height 16 centimeters.

For the newspaper (Depend to the proportion of the figure).

Hello, In this project, I will make a cardboard lamp from the cardboard tray box. It easy to make, the figure is sitting down on the floor and reading a newspaper, or you can make the figure sit on the bench as well. The cardboard is thin, yet very strong. I use a small light’s socket and light bulb. It looks cute and work’s well on the table. Let’s start.

Supplies that you need to do Reading MAN Lamp’s project.

1. Any cardboard from any box. (I use the brown cardboard and black backing).

2. Small light bulb, light socket, switch, and wire with plug.

3. Glue, 2 sides tape, black marker, cutter, and spray paint.

Step 1: Draw and Cut the Cardboard

Open the tray box, make it flat, and start to draw the dimension of the figure (for me, I start it off from the size of my cardboard, it don’t need to be big). For the body of the figure, I just draw the arm and leg and make a template, cut the template and trace it on the cardboard (make sure that you have a center line, so that the figure can be on the left hand and right hand. Next, I cut the figure out from the cardboard, I want the inside to be black, so I need to make a light cut on the center line, so it will be easy to fold in half.

Step 2: Dress the Figure

I fold the figure to the angle that I want, so the figure can sit on itself. Now I make the center piece for a shirt and glue to the figure, it can hide the wire as well, next I make a tie and make a light cut to make a shirt’s collar. Now I cut two small pieces and glue the foot (the foot make the figure more stable) and two pieces for the hands to be able to hold newspaper (to soften the light, so you don’t see the light bulb). Next I print a small newspaper, cut to the size and make a tall hat.

Step 3:

I attach the wire to the light socket with two sides tape. I use the wire that already come with the switch and plug. Next I spray yellow paint the light bulb and draw the eyes and lip (when the light bulb get too hot the yellow paint will melted, or you can use heat resistant spray paint). Now I screw the light bulb and wear the tall hat. I try it out, it work well and look cute and very cool on the table. It can put the smile on your face.


Step 4:

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