Introduction: Reading Nook

Hi ,

I just thought this would be a nice and simple idea for the ones who love reading to have a nook from old / recycled stuff.This can be set up in their backyard or the patio or as you like :-) You can also find some more DIYs at

Things you will Need:
1.A old / distressed table
2.Used Wine / Beer / Vodka bottles
4.Glass Paints ( 2 Colors)
3. A flower or a tiny soft toy for the extra cuteness.

Step 1:You can get the distressed table from any Flea Market or you can get the look by painting a table with the Crackle Paint which gives the crackled look.You can get the Crackle paint from Home depot or any Home retailers.
Step 2: Now to add colors to your reading space ,bring in your dad's used Wine / Beer Bottles.Soak them in hot water for 30 mins so that their labels get peeled off .If you still find glue on it ,scrap it out with a kitchen knife. You may also use the solution you get in Home Depot to wipe off glue.Thats lil costly so why not scrap it off :-)
Step 3 :Now after the bottles are wiped dry ,apply the Glass Paint .You can get Glass Painting Colors in Michaels or any craft store.
I prefer to use one background color for the bottles (blue) and then one bottle alone colored pink or green.This makes the green color pop.
Blue and Green symbolises serenity and freshness apt for a reading nook.
Step 4: I painted all bottles on its outside with a normal paint brush.Let the paint dry for 5 mins.
Step 5 : Now take all your bottles and arrange it on the table and adorn it with a single flower or a small toy.There  you go!
Tip : You can also decorate your Kitchen window sill or staircase sill with these painted bottles arrangeing them in rows.Have fun!

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