Introduction: "Ready Maker" - Control Over "Lego Power Functions" Project

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Learn how to control Lego "Power functions" components with Arduino board and build your project in the "Ready Maker" editor (No code required) to remote control your model.

Step 1: Story:

The goal of our project is to learn how to control Lego motors, servos and lighting without using program code using with help the "Ready Maker" free editor.

Components and Supplies:

Step 2: Little About the Power Functions Plugs:

GND stands for Ground which is the negative terminal (-) of the battery pack (anode). C1 and C2 can switch polarity to make the motors and servos switch direction.

Step 3: Connection the Connectors:

You can connect the connectors with a soldering iron. Or use a simpler method that does not break the connecting parts of the components.
This connection will be strong and reliable!

The “Power Functions” components:





Step 4: Create Car:

Create a new model using the "Technic" kit.
Consider in advance the place to install the Servo, M - Motor, Power and Lighting.

Step 5: Create the Connection Scheme:

Connect all the components of the "Power Functions" to the breadboard and Arduino.

Step 6: Create the New Project in the "Ready Maker" (See the Subtitles):

Step 7: First Test:

Play the scene and test the all “LEGO Power Functions” components.

Step 8: Connect the Bluetooth Module:

Connect the "HC-06" bluetooth module or some other to your project. Use the "57600 baud" speed for him.

Connect the Power(9V).

Run the project on your mobile device and make a bluetooth connection

Step 9: Final Test

The project is finished, now we can test it ! :-)