Introduction: Super Easy Real Finger in a Box

Use your best Transylvanian accent: 'Vould you like tu si mai great grandmother's wedding ring?
She is dead. I have ring here in box....' Then lift the lid off the box to reveal the finger inside. Then just enjoy the screams of fright and perhaps wiggle or twitch your finger a little bit.


You will need a small box with a lid and a finger
Note: the finger can still be attached to the rest of your body. It's just a trick

Step 1: Drill Hole in the Box

This nice little veneer box made for easy cutting. I glued a little block of wood to the bottom to raise up the finger from the bottom. It probably would work just as well without.

Step 2: Paint It Black

Spray paint it black for a more spooky Halloween look

Step 3: Add More Accessories

Basically this finger in the box trick is as old as.... fingers and boxes! But to drag it out on Halloween night I thought I would add a diamond ring and blood and maybe some nail polish on the night. The piece of silk cloth suggests a jewelry box and helps to hide the hole in the bottom. I cut a small slit in it so as to pass the finger through. I'm rushing to get this up so you might like to use this idea to scare your peeps. Afterwards if I get better photos or videos of the scares I'll upload them here afterwards

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