Introduction: Real Floating WipEout Vehicle

After playing one of my favourite classics on PS one ,
WipEout , I realised how I can make one.Here is a step-by-step
how to make one.

Step 1: Materials

There are quite few materials we'll be using:
-sulfur hexafluoride (or any kind of heavy gas)*
-box or aqarium

And the tools we'll be using:
-army knife

*The gas I got is sulfur hexafluoride and i got it from a local chemistry institute.You could get cheaper heavy gas like the propane but you need to be very careful because it's very flammable gas.I couldn't get picture of the gas because it had a lots of logos and i don't have rights to publish them :/

Step 2: Beggining

Firstly take the cardboard and draw the vehicles body with the pencil like in the picture 1.Then draw smaller body in a shape like two attached wings (look picture 2).Don't throw away the cardboatd because you will be needing it later.Make cuts like in the picture 3.After that the vehicle will gain its basic looks.You can make your own design too but make sure it is not too big and the cardboard not too heavy.

Step 3: Final Touches on the Body

The little cardboard you cut (see picture 1) will be used to create the exaust.Cut it slowly but make sure you don't take it apart.Attach it to the body like in the picture 2.Now take the cardboard and cut a small piece (see picture 3).Put the little cardboard piece in the middle of the exaust, like in the picture 4.Now the body is almost done.

Step 4: Painting the Body

Now You can paint the body.You can use markers

Step 5: Getting Ready the Box

Take the box or aqarium and put ut in a place you can observe it well.Get the gas and release it in the box.Sulfur hexafluoride is a heavy gas wit a relative molecule mass of 146, therefore it will sink when it will be exposed to oxygen.

Step 6: The Experiment

Get the vehicle you made and put it in the box. The vehicle will float and because of the gasses permanency you can play with it whenever you want.
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