Introduction: Real Flying Golden Snitch

Grab your broom and quaffle and head out to the pitch because I'll show you how to make a flying golden snitch!

Step 1: Disassembly

The toy that I modified to achieve this is called a Heli Ball, I bought it at Five Below for $5. It can be charged by USB and hovers over any surface. The modification process is started by disassembling the toy by removing four philips screws on the side of the sphere and taking out the electronics and helicopter blades.

Step 2: Body

Once the toy is disassembled, I sanded the shell down with steel wool to remove the graphics put on by the manufacturer.

I then used movie stills to draw on detail features, I lightly sketched them on with a pencil.

I then deposited a line of hot glue over the sketched lines to create a 3D embossed effect of the detail features.

Finally, the body was painted a gold color using acrylic paint.

Step 3: Wings

To create the wings, I sketched out a design and cut it out of paper and test fitted it in the shell to see if it had the right proportions. Feel free to use different wing designs, modify mine, or use mine exactly.

Once you have the design figured out, I used the plastic from a gallon of milk as the final material. I traced the paper design onto the plastic then cut it out with an exacto knife.

I then painted the top of the wings and used the exacto knife to cut the bottom of the wings into slices to create an effect of individual feathers.

Step 4: Assembly and Testing

Finally reassemble everything making sure the wings fit nicely in place and don't interfere with any of the electronics.

Charge up the battery and try it out!

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