Introduction: Real Life Mario Kart

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What could possibility go wrong with this idea besides getting REALLY hurt 

Step 1: The Bikes

Seeing Mario Kart was such a smash hit in the video game world, My Brother, sister, girl friends, and friend thought it would be a great idea to play it in real life. First we need the bikes (wii version) we did have go kart too. Nevertheless to the magical land of CriagsList looking for anything we could you for this stunt. I must say we came across alot of those 50cc bikes for cheap over all for the whole lot it came to about  $100 but they all needed some sort of repair and customization

Step 2: Custom Tees

Custom T shirt, this was made for all of us with our fave Mario Kart character

Step 3: The Shells

Now what is Mario Kart without shells, So problem was solved by going to the local dollar store buying a toy army helmet and some spray paint 

Step 4: The Rules

The rules for Mario Kart are very similar to air soft or paint ball the shells were laid out on the track as the racers go around they have chance of grabbing the shell and throwing it at the other racer. It you are to be hit with a GREEN SHELL  you are to stop for 5 seconds, RED SHELL you must stop of 10 seconds. DEADLY BLUE SHELL You must stop until you are lapped once. There is a code of honor No side swiping, bumping with machines and the shell must leave your hand to be counted as a hit or miss. These are the Rules for Real Life Mario Cart. If you are to break these rules then you have to hear everyone call you a cheater and who really likes that.

Step 5: Have Fun Be Safe Go Race

This is how we did our idea of real life Mario Kart, Go race and have fun with it I would like to hear what you would do to change the game and rules 

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