Introduction: Real Potential of CARDBOARD in Every Day Life.

Hi Everyone, This article is all about showing different useful and efficient ways of using Cardboard in Everyday life.

Since my childhood cardboard had played an important role in my life. I used to build many items using cardboard like additional racks, supports, bridges inside cabinets etc.

I will show few examples the way i am using cardboard every day.

NOTE - All the videos you see here are made for this article, and can only be viewed using the links provided.

Step 1: My Desk

This is the desk (First photo) i am using right now as my major work space completely built using cardboard boxes. My laptop itself weighs 2.5 kgs at least and rest of the stuff on the desk will be more than 6 kgs and while working it serves as my arm rest as well. So this can hold a decent amount of weight like any other normal desk.

You can watch this video to have a closer look at my desk.

All other photos are of my previous desk setup.

Step 2: Utility Rack

I am using this rack for more that at least two years from now. There are different sections in this rack namely Stationary, jumper cables etc. Most of the sections are done using cardboard boxes.

In the first row you can see stationary and miscellaneous sections done using boxes, Top of the boxes are removed and the rest of box is covered with color paper to maintain an even look. Then i named the boxes with the respective titles.

In the second row i made a bridge so that i can put 6 plastic containers in the place of 3.

In the third row there is a bridge and a drawer so that no place is left unused.

In the fourth row, its exactly like first row.

See the video to have a closer look at the rack.

Step 3: Tools Section

Working with cardboard is a very interesting thing to do and what ever you do is highly flexible and customisable.

This tools rack has two differently aligned bridges lifted using cardboard boxes, creating double storage and this double storage can be used to store same category items or different category items which helps us to store more items (or categories) in less space.

Watch the video for better understanding.

Step 4: Exhaust Fan Wings

In my washroom i had this Exhaust Fan with its wings broken. So i searched online and offline for the replacement wings but could not find any. I can replace the entire fan but the motor is working fine so i cut the wings from cardboard and then attached them to the base. It took few iterations to get a steady output but at the end its working fine.

You can seeing the working of my exhaust fan in the video.

Step 5: Table for Taking Photos

This table is done using two cardboard boxes, one is for base and the other is for height.

The advantage of using this table is you can easily swap the boxes according to your base and height requirements. The background sheets can be changed easily as it is not having any fixed setup. I have also attached some images taken using this setup.

Watch the video to have a closer look.

Step 6: Additional Platform in Closet

As you already saw there is so much stuff going on in my room so i can barely afford space for my clothes. So in the space possible i build a additional platform using a slim cardboard box with some supports.

Watch the video for detailed view.

Step 7: Storage

I love to store all my Cardboard boxes in an organised way so that when i need something i can find it easily and without messing up the area.

You can see the video to know how i store my boxes.

Step 8: Conclusion

I request everyone to make use of your cardboard boxes instead of trowing or burning them, and whenever you want something try to build it using cardboard because it is highly flexible and easy to work with.

Thank you.

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