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So after my last Delorean - project i wanted to go more epic... so the idea was to build a "real" snow speeder sled.

Step 1: Getting Started

Materials used:

-Plywood 8 mm

- 2x4 planks

- pvc pipe scrap

- screws

- woodcolour

I did not make big plans and worked pretty freehanded and minded ;)

Step 2: Scaling and Starting With Main Bodyparts

There is no mutch to explain... just look at the fotos :) they are almost step by step

Step 3: Adding Details

i used scrap pipes from my elevtric installation, pipes from my ventilationsystem etc

Step 4: Test Colour

first i tried with spray cans to see how i want to do the coloring

Step 5: Coloring Up + More Détails

So i tryed to give it a used look so i started with layers of black and grey an light grey until i got my result

Step 6: Mounting Frame on Sled

This step was pretty easy, i took of the old seat from the sled and used a plank to fix on the frame, this is the new seat and so i could use the same bearings

Step 7: Finishing Work

Step 8: Ready for Batlle

So finally finished and ready for test ride,... but there is still no snow over here,...

but wait ah today it fell some snow and i can give it a test ride... maybe ill post a video ass soon ass im back from hoth :)

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