Introduction: RealNewHorizons

This year began with cosmic victories. Christmas toys must comply with this.

Step 1:

Make a scetch of a Project

Step 2:

We make template of a Ship

Step 3: Partially Glued Corrugated Hull

Step 4:

The bottom of the ship is not yet glued

Step 5:

We make the ship's structurar hull and attach to it the mast

Step 6:

Paste the structurar hull into the Ship

Step 7:

Paste the Bushprit Ship

Step 8:

We manufacture inter-deck superstructure

Step 9:

Paste the Superstructure onto the Lower Deck

Step 10:

Cut the Upper Deck

Step 11:

Mount the Upper Deck

Step 12:

Make a Straight Sailes

Step 13:

Mount the Sail on the Mast

Step 14:

Make Preliminary Mounting of the Bermuda rig headsail

Step 15:

Manufacture Radiator fins of Cooling Systems

Step 16:

Glue Cooling System Radiators to Bushprit

Step 17:

Mount the steering wheel

Step 18:

Equip the Ship with Scientific Instruments

Step 19:

Making the Lifebuoy

Step 20:

Making of an Anchor

Step 21:

Mount the Lifebuoy and Anchor

Step 22:

After 01.01.2019 we lift the flag "Ultima Tule"

Step 23:

"New Horizons" Ready to Conquer Outer Space ...

Step 24:

... Or Decorate Your Christmas Tree

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