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The Realima IoT robot published the reading of a few sensors, allowing farmers to receive data about the real-time condition of their crops.

The Realima farming device is an IoT device that has a few sensors:

[1] Soil Moisture

[2] Rain Sensor

[3] Temperature Sensor

[4] Humidity Sensor

[5] Flame Sensor

This information is publishes online via a GSM/GPRS Sim-Card to an IoT Platform (Adafruit IO).

Step 1: IoT Devices + Platform


Please download Arduino's IDE to program the module.


Please visit the Adafruit IoT platform and create an account

Step 2: SketchUp + 3D Printing

The enclosure was designed with SketchUp: Please download the software here

Also, please download the .STL plugin from:

This plugin will enable you to export .STL files for 3D printing.

I used Makerbot's 3D printing software as I have a Makerbot. Please use the relevant software for your machine.

3D Printing Services

Step 3: Component List

The Realima device compromises of the following components:

Equipment List

[1] Arduino Pro Mini

[2] SIM 800L Module

[3] 850mah Battery

[4] Soil Moisture Sensor

[5] DHT11 Sensor [Temperature and Humidity]

[6] Rain Sensor

[7] Flame Sensor

[8] Ultrasonic Sensor

[9] Viro Board

[10] Switch

Step 4: Design Files

Please download this file and prepare them for 3D Printing"

Use the .STL plugin to export the files.

You can edit the files as you design.

Step 5:

Once you've exported the .STL files. Use the following specs to make the prints:

3D Printing Specs

Resolution: 0.27mm

Infill: 10% Shells: 2

Material: PLA

Support: YES

A MakerBot Replicator 2 was used to make the models SketchUp was used to design the files

Step 6: Arduino Sketch (Code)

Download the Sketch and upload it to your Arduino Pro mini.

If you don's have one, you will need an USB to Serial converter to program the Pro Mini.

Modify the "Usename" and "KEY", use the ones provisioned to you by the platform.

Step 7: Additional Information

The Realima Device was designed, 3D printed and coded in 3 days by 1 person at a Hackathon, so the system is not perfect. Please feel feel free to improve and refine the device as you see fit and upload the files so that other people can improve on your work.

The components can be secured together by using a soldering iron or super glue.