Introduction: Make and Personalize a Companion Cube!

About: I'm a High School-er at Brookings Harbor High School. I have taken multiple classes and know how to program, 3D print and CNC, Wire, and know all about Computer Sciences.

     Have you been fascinated by the world of portal? Have you ever felt lonely? Need a companion for yourself? If you have ever asked these questions before then you need to build the Companion Cube!!!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

     Not very much is needed for this instructable, but here are the things that you will need to make it.

-A CNC machine or any 3D printing machine that can use an STL file to print.

- (Optional) Spray paint and regular paint to make it look better.

-Companion Cube STL file.

    The files are given to you below. 

Step 2: Printing

        Now that you got all the files for it you now need to print  it out. Depending on what kind of printer you have you might have to change the settings to get it right. If the file is to big for the printer all you have to do is scale it down. Most programs that run 3D printers have a scaling feature.

     All you have left is to personalize it!   
   You can do this many ways, you can paint it or draw on it etc...
 Examples are given above.
Have fun with it.

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