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Eye see you, looking at this creepy Ible, about edible eyes.

In my most resent Instructable, I shared how to make an edible nail polish bottle. My fellow Ibler Guidess thought the effect would make great eyes, so I shared a picture of an eye, which I had finished some time ago .

My friends said too share how I made the eye, because creepy cakes are so popular.

Here we go, this is my process for creating edible eyes you can use on cakes, cupcakes, suckers, and so on. You could even make savory suckers, like tart pickle flavor.

Design Human eyes, Dragon eyes, you see where I'm going.

Good luck! I will be watching!!!

Step 1: Supplies

Isomalt ( or Hard candy recipe ) Isomalt comes in lots of colors including white. (It can be used to back fill)

edible wafer paper ( a very thin rice paper used in cake decorating etc.)

food coloring gels

spray food oil



food safe silicone mold material ( a 2 part putty was used,cures quick )

acrylic ball drawer pull ( any ball shape and size you like for your eye ) ( Acrylic casts smooth and shinny )

metal measuring cup

paint pallet and paint brushes ( designated just for food )

sculpting tools ( designated for food )

heat gun

hole punchs ( optional ) ( can be used to create eye shape and pupil out of wafer paper )


piece of foam ( used to hold drawer pull, it aids in painting eye )

Step 2: Making a Reusable Eye Mold

Quick and simple.

This material was so easy to use. Get the acrylic ball ready; now take out equal parts of both components. In your hands start to mix the two together, until well blended. Work quickly.

Now start forming around the ball, working towards the neck, being careful not to make it to thin.

Set it aside to cure.

This happens within minutes. Read the directions on the product.

After it cures, remove the ball, you know have your mold. (Trim the edge like the photo)

Let proceed.

Step 3: Cutting and Forming, Colored Part of the Eye

Note: You could just print eyes on copy paper ,if you know they won't be eaten. The Isomalt or hard candy coating will be what comes in contact with cake etc. and that is the key for food safety.

Circles are cut from wafer paper too represent the color parts of the eye. The picture shows a circle punch that can be used.

My eye requires a larger circle, so a lid was traced for this one. A hole punch was used to create the pupil.

Wafer paper has lots of great features, one of those is that it can be moistened and formed.

In the picture you see a piece of blue foam, it will act as a holder for the acrylic ball. A small hole is made, and the ball is set in. Next the circle of wafer paper is lightly sprayed with oil.

Wafer paper will curl when water is added, so if you put oil on the opposite side and pat dry, this keeps that from happening. Now place the wafer disk on- top of the ball, hold the center firm and with you other hand wet your finger or brush with vodka and softly add to the wafer disk.

The wafer paper will soften and start to form in the shape of the ball, after this dust on a little corn starch and dust off extra.

If you want to mark the wafer paper for where the eye color will go, use a pastry tip, like the picture. Press softly.

Let dry. Do not remove and go on to next step.

Step 4: Painting the Eye

Eyes come in many sizes and colors not to mention styles.

Just by changing the pupil you can get a different look. This time a regular hole punch is used to create a pupil.

Yet again another feature of wafer paper is that once it is dampened it will stick to it’s self. So the little wafer dot is placed on top of the other with a little vodka. If the eye needs to look a certain direction just mark the iris in the angle and then add the pupil in the right location.

With a pallet of food gels start painting the eye. Reference material here is very important, if you’re going for a specific look.

Don't add to much vodka when painting, if you do blot with paper towel.

After the eye is painted, it needs to dry; a hair dryer can be used gently.

It will come off of the acrylic ball very easy when completely dry.

Note: You can do just the iris and then back with white isomalt.

Moving on.

Step 5: Casting the Eye Ball

Caution ! Caution ! Caution !

The Isomalt when melted will burn very bad. Please don't work with it around Children or Animals.

Here we go edible wafer eye meets eye gloss. Take the metal measuring cup and place in about a 1/4 of a cup Isomalt. Melt as directed on package.

Gently and slowly pour a little in your mold. Careful not to spill on you, coat the inside of the mold.

Caution ! Isomalt can be melted again if needed.

Now that you have a light coat place the wafer eye face down into mold, making sure it comes in contact with the Isomalt. Use the end of a paintbrush to secure it.

Heat up more and back fill the mold.

Let it cool completely. Once it is removed from the mold, gently use the heat gun to remove any air bubbles from the surface.

At this point you can leave your eye like it is or you can add even more depth by over painting.

If you look at Zombie eyes they sometimes have a haze look or more discoloration, so over painting is the answer.

That is just a little vodka and color placed around the eye.

Step 6: Where Will It Go?

Now that all eyes are on you! Decorate with your new eyes.

These eyes will get some looks guaranteed.

Here fondant was placed around to create skin,tools are used to give texture, and then dark colored gel and vodka is painted all over the skin and wiped off,to make the shadows. Surface color was added to give a more realistic look.

Pat dry and then your done.

Peace ! Jewels

Isomalt should only be eaten in moderation ,it is a sugar substitute and may cause intestinal discomfort. When creating items like suckers you should use an old fashioned hard candy recipe, it is much better for consumption.

Wafer paper can be printed on with an edible printer. These printers have a food color ink and the cost of the printer is very reasonable. It is great way to create large quantities for you confection and a wonderful way to design your own images.

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