Realistic Harry Potter Wand From Sticks and Hot Glue

Introduction: Realistic Harry Potter Wand From Sticks and Hot Glue

About: Hi! I'm Hailey and I'm a huge Marvel and Harry Potter fan! I'm 15 and I love making jewelry. I especially like to make Marvel themed jewelry! My goal is to one day win a contest here.

The wand chooses the wizard! I was taking the wand quiz on Pottermore and I was determined to replicate my wand's appearance. It was so fun that I decided to make another wand. The wand was originally supposed to be for my Halloween costume but Covid kinda messed that up. Today I'll be showing you how to make a wand like mine in a couple of easy steps. It's perfect for costumes and display!


You will need:

Hot Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

A stick from your backyard

Acrylic paint in the color that you want your wand to be

A nail File


Step 1: The Wand Handle

Go find a stick in your yard that is 5-7 inches long. Get your stick and file any rough edges down. Cover 3 or 4 inches at the end of the stick in hot glue as shown.

Step 2: Detail Part One

Make a band of glue about two inches from your handle. Continue making bands and spacing them about two inches away from the previous one until you reach the other end of the wand.

Step 3: Detail Part Two

Connect each band to the previous one by making hot glue "vines" in the spaces between. I think that this makes the wand look interesting and adds a nice touch.

Step 4: Time to Paint

After letting the glue dry, paint it with acrylic paint. I chose to make my first two wands brown and black, but you can choose any color. I painted the example wand bright red for fun. When I find another good wand stick I'll make a yellow one.

Step 5: Let It Dry

Acrylic paint takes a while to dry and it's hard to get off your hands so be sure to let it finish drying. My wand took 1-2 hours to be dry enough to hold but it was sticky.

(No pun intended)

Step 6: And.... It's Finished!

Yay! You have a wand now! Us Muggles have to get to Hogwarts somehow. The first step is getting a wand, so use it wisely... AVADA KEDAVRA!

Thanks for reading my instructable! I hope you make a wand because it's probably one of the most relaxing and fun projects I've ever made! If you make one I recommend making it while watching a Harry Potter movie!

P.S. What house are you in? I'm a Gryffindor!

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    5 months ago

    Nice project! I personally am in Ravenclaw (the best house obviously 🙂).

    Hai C
    Hai C

    Reply 5 months ago

    Thank you for checking it out! A lot of my friends are Ravenclaws, but I have to say Gryffindor is the best house.