Realistic Attachment Handle

Introduction: Realistic Attachment Handle

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*Warning* before wasting your time on this mod, unless you have a broken raider and you can use its parts, I suggest you saw off your raider barrel first. the metal rod can then be bent, and you have a sawn off raider and the piece you need.

More on topic, this is a rail - attachment handle that uses no tape or glue and looks like it came straight from a nerf farctory, or wherever it may be that they make them.

Step 1: Materials

You will need
A Recon
A Raider (either broken or sawn-off)
a small screw driver
3 - 4 minutes of spare time

Step 2: Attachment Piece

Unscrew the flip up sight that comes with the recon. set aside the orange piece that slides onto the rail.

Step 3: The Handle

unscrew the pump action handle from the front of the raider. *IMPORTANT* DO NOT lose any screws, as this will be going back together.

Step 4: Putting the Pieces Together

Take the recon sight piece and slide it into the open space where the raider handle used to attach itself to the raider barrel.

Step 5: Putting the Pieces Together: Episode 2

put the other half of the raider handle on, and make sure everything fits snugly. if done correctly, the rail attachment shouldn't slide around, and the raider handle should click together normally.

Step 6: The Screws

this doesn't really need its own step, I just thought I'd put it in there for the less intelligent out there. you know who you are. 

Step 7: The Final Product

Ta - Da! all done.

Step 8: Try It Out!

lock it onto a nerf gun with bottom rail, and fire away! I especially like it on the stampede, as it gives a greater sense of stability than the bipod. who uses a tiny sniper's bipod for a machine gun, anyway?!

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    9 years ago on Step 8

    this is a neat idea, ill try it, thanks for posting this


    "Nerf Factory?" Really, do you even know the brand that makes Nerf? Hasbro. They make everything at Hasbro Inc.