Introduction: Really Great Mini K'nex Gun...w/ Actuall Trigger! :)

It's a cool mini k'nex gun thats fairly strong for its size. This is also my first instructable, so be nice(please)!

Step 1: Parts

this is a list of the parts you will need:
8 red
1 green
2 orange
1 white
2 yellow
1 small green
4 white (2 are for ammunition)
1 strong rubber band

Step 2: The Trigger

take the green connector, and then put the small green rod ton one of the end spots.

Step 3: The Barrel Part1

first, put 3 red connectors on a yellow rod.

Step 4: The Barrel Part2

next, put the trigger on( the rod goes through the hole((for righty's, when the rigger hangs freely, the green rod is on your right, and for lefty's, make sure its on your left)))

Step 5: The Barrel Part3

now add 4 more red connectors and a the white one to the barrel.

Step 6: The Barrel Part4

now you add the handle( two orange connectors and two white rods) to the side opposite of the white connector(if your confused, see the picture).

Step 7: The Ramming Pin

for the pin, put the last yellow rod into the middle spot of the last red connector, then slip the rubberband through the hole.

Step 8: Finish It

now put the pin in so the connector at it's end is horizontal, then put the handle through the bottom part of the rubberband, and wrap the top part of the rubberband on the top of the white connector.


here is how you shoot it.