Introduction: Really Cool and Easy Magic Artwork

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This is a really interesting project I learned last week. And it cost nothing at all 'cause you can find the stuff in your house. I hope you have as much fun with it as I do!

Step 1: Get All the Materials

Here are the stuff you will need:
2 sheets of unlined paper
1 ruler
1 pencil and eraser
coloring materials
All purpose glue 

Step 2: Start With the Art!

Ok first you fold one of the papers and cut it out now you have two papers
draw a picture on each of them make sure the pictures are completely different

Step 3: Color Them In.

When you are done with your drawing you may trace them with a darker pen or marker and erase the extra lines n ow you have to color them in with your coloring materials 
When your done with everything flip your first work and using the ruler trace vertical lines do the same on the other picture

Step 4: Cut It Up

Now you have panels on your  works now number them from the beginning of the ppicture when you are done numbering the two, cut following the lines you made with the ruler do not mix the papers or you will be confused

Step 5: Glue a Pattern

Now using the extra sheet of paper glue the first panel of the first picture and then beside it, glue the first panel of the second picture so it is 1,1 2,2 and so on. If the paper is not wide or long enough you can use two papers or one and one half papers

Step 6: Just Fold Then Finish

Cut the extra. Fold the paper like an accordion fold back and forth now you can hang it in your room cause you are done! Now walk in this side you'll see a picture and walk the opposite side you'll see a totally different one! I hope you liked this instruct able feel free to put your magic artwork in the comments below thank you!

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