Introduction: Reassembly Headphones Into a High Quality Case

We are gonna make a high quality headphones from a broken ones and a insolated earmuffs.

Step 1: Materials

  • (Broken) headphones

We need the speakers.

  • Insulated earmuffs

It will be the new case for our headphones

  • Male and female 3,5 audio jack (optional)

Step 2: Obtaining the Pieces

From old headphones we can obtain:

  • The speakers

It are the most important part of the project. (I shape it for a better assembly)

  • Audio Wire.

If you can't optain it from the headphones (It could be broken) you can get it from other earphones, internet or your local hardware store.

I bought the insulated earmuffs months ago for studying, but if you don't have it in your house it are available in online shops, hunting stores...

Step 3: Preparing the Earmuffs

Now we have to do three holes in the earmuffs: two for the wire and other for the female audio jack.

Then insert the female audio jack into his hole.

Step 4: Conections

The circuit is so easy. Conect the wires following the pictures with the help of a welder and tin.

To do the external wire you can recycle te one of the headphones.

Step 5: Final Asembly

Now set the speaker between the foam with a little of glue.

I recommend to use a cloth for better results.

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