Rebecca's Crochet Projects

Introduction: Rebecca's Crochet Projects

I've been crocheting for a few years now and i love it. One of my favorite things to make is this "Triangle Prayer Shawl" with Homespun yarn. The first time i made one, i ended up giving it to my mom for Mother's day. I wasn't planning on giving it up originally but my mom loved it . She has worn it every where and all of her friends want one now. The second one i did was for a special friend and mentor of mine, who lives in a different country. I had the pleasure of giving it to her in person because she happened to be in town, shortly after i had finished it. She's the one with the dark purple shawl. Then i had a lot of left over yarn, so i made one for myself and decided to try something different and made a striped one. And i wear my around the house when i'm chilly or just want to feel cozy and comfortable

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    Rebecca, your shawls are beautiful. Can you share the pattern or instructions. I'm a very beginner, but anxious to stretch my skills on something like this.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Kate, I got the patteren from Lionbrand yarn website ( think it's called "Easy Triangle Shawl". This one is pretty easy and mainly consist of one type of stich..the half double crochet. If you don't know how to do that, you can click on learn to crochet ( on the website) and it explains the basic stiches. Most of the patterns i use are from their website. They have alot of patterens for beginners that are easy. If you don't undestand the pattern, let me know and i'll try to simplify it for you.