Introduction: Rebel Crusher



Duct Tape


Box Cutter

Step 1: Ready Your Box

Unfold your box and get your tools.

Step 2: Cut the Top

Cut the top of the box off, so that you can sit in it.

Step 3: Trim the Sides

Next trim the sides shorter, so that you can get your shoulders are above them when you sit in it.

Step 4: Arm Holes

After trimming cut holes into the sides for where your hands are going to go.

Step 5: Form the Front

After the arm holes you should fold the sides farthest from the arm holes inward, cut off the bottom edges, and tape them in place.

Step 6: Finishing the Front

Now to complete the from you need to cut pieces to fit the front and come together.You also need to cut a small triangle piece to fit the triangular hole in the front of the boat.

Step 7: Cover the Back

Next cover up the back by putting on the middles part of the top that was taken off.Make sure to cut off the ends that poke out from the back end of the boat.

Step 8: Waterproofing

Now you need to duct tape the entire boat inside and out.Make sure that there aren't any holes in the tape.

Step 9: Decorate

Now that the boat itself is done add decorations.Make sure that these decorations will be able to resist the water.

Step 10: Test It

Now that you're finished test your boat and see how it does against the water.