Introduction: Rebirth of the Dryer or That Dryers on Fire

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Its has been a few years since i wrote an instructable. Sometimes life throws some wilds cards. Well i never stopped making i just have not had the time to document and share my creations. I do now. This is the first article i have ever written with my thumbs.

This instuctable will show how i created a fire pit/ bbq from an old dryer.


Old dryer
Phillips screw driver
Optional gravel

Step 1: Use Dryer for Years Wait for It to Break

Ok so drying my familys clothes for years and breaking down on multiple occasions i decided the price of parts wasnt worth fixing anymore. I went online and found a $50 used dryer . Now i have a scrap dryer to play with.

Step 2: Take It Apart.

All dyers are diffrent most have 2 screws to alow you to open the top and remove the front door. Remove the drum and remove the screws holding the fins. Under tbe fins i found some lint marbles kinda cool.

Step 3: Drag the Drum Out to the Back Yard

Time to say good by to our old pit "attonLa " yes my daughter named the fire pit. Dig out the old ash and such and dispose if it properly.

Step 4: Dig It

I dug down to the grove where the belt sits and the dug a foot deeper to fill with sand or use whats best in your area for drainage.

Step 5: Fill It Back In

Fill in the dirt stomp it in

Step 6: Cover the Dirt.

I had stone so thats what i used but you can use any type landscape meterial , grass, pavers stone ect.

Step 7: Dress It Up

I put some glass beads in the channel on the top of the pit . Looks all fancy now . Our new pit is now safe to play around. No more toddlers playing in ashes.

Step 8: All Done Light Er Up.

Its done fill it with some wood and baby light my fire. Kick back and roast some marshmellows.

Step 9: Grill Add On

Pull the back panel from the drum to give yourself a stainless grilling surface.

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