Introduction: Rebuild Blue Point 3/8 Ratchet (Snap On)

Blue Point ratchet handles are really good, but eventually they do fail. If you don't have a Snap On dealer handy and can't create an account to send the tool away to them, then a rebuild kit can be obtained and it's not a hard rebuild.

You will need Rebuild KitRKRBPRFR938 for the 3/8 ratchet handle.

Step 1: Disassembly

Remove the two screws from the back of the ratchet handle using a small crosshead screwdriver, drop off the faceplate and remove all the internal parts. Clean inside the handle casing.

Step 2: Pall [Selector-switch]

Insert the pall (selector-switch) from the front of the case, with the switch pointing downwards from the back.

Step 3: Spring / Ball-bearing

Tilt the ratchet so the handle is pointing down, slot the spring into the hole in the handle shaft and sit the ball-bearing on top of the spring.

Step 4: Forward / Reverse Gear

Press the ball-bearing down on the spring with a slim screwdriver until it is flush with the casing and hold it in place. Slot in the forward/reverse gear with the teeth facing up and turned slightly to one side so the left or right recess slots over the screwdriver. Rotate the switch at the back until the two pegs slot into the holes in the back of the forward/reverse gear.

Step 5: Grease / Oil Gears

Grease / oil the teeth of the forward / reverse gear and main ratchet gear. The rebuild kit usually contains a tube of thin gear-oil. I used lithium bearing-grease.

Step 6: Ratchet Gear

Slot the main ratchet gear into the casing with the push-release button slotting through the hole in the back.

Step 7: Replace Faceplate

Slot the new faceplate into the casing and replace the two screws using a small crosshead screwdriver.