Introduction: Rebuilding Go-Kart

As a school project, we chose to rebuild an old go-kart. The main motivation for this project is to spread your knowledge on something to a broader audience. The knowledge we will mostly likely be telling you is the basics of small engine repair and framework.

Step 1: Finding the Go-kart

When we first got together to work on this project we needed to find the go-kart. It was in the back of the shed in multiple pieces. We dragged the go-kart and the pieces back to the garage to get started working on it.

Step 2: Bought and Installed a Live Axle

We got the live axle from the same person we got the go-kart from. We had to weld the bearing on the axle. and also sand it down and get all the old rust of it. We also had to install the sprocket onto the axle.

The point of the live axle is to put more power to the back wheels of the go-kart. It makes the two back wheels spin instead of just one of them spinning. It also helps you get more traction and control.

Step 3: Fixing the Wheels

The wheels were not connected to the kart when we found it in the shed. So after we fixed the live axle we put the wheels on the kart. The rims were dented, so we tried our best to get all of the dents out. We also fixed a small leak in one of the tires, and ended on the tires by filling them with air and bolting them on the frame.

Step 4: Engine Fix Up

The engine was connected to the kart and in working condition. But we decided to clean it up a little because it looked dirty and run down. We cleaned it by washing the outside of it with water and a rag. An important key to take in mind when cleaning it with water is covering the air filter with something that keeps the water out. If you don't do this then the engine will have trouble starting.