Introduction: Receive Email Notifications From Your IoT Projects

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Program email notifications connecting your IoT projects to Adafruit IO and IFTTT.

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I wanted to receive some notifications when a variable reaches some level. I thought that I could configure something to receive an email.

I am using Adafruit IO to collect IoT project data. I thought I could that platform for sending me an email, but that function is not available in the free version. I thought about using another alternative. Then I discovered IFTTT.

You can integrate or connect Adafruit IO and IFTTT. It is very easy, I will explain in a few steps how you can configure your IoT projects to send emails from IFTTT.


Adafruit IO account.

IFTTT account.

Step 1: Enter IFTTT Website

First, if you do not have it, you need to open an account on IFTTT. If you have one, you only need to log in.

Step 2: Search for the Applet

You need to search for the applet. Click on explorer and write Adafruit.

Then select the applet "if a feed value limit is reached, email me the details". You have to click on the connect button to activate the applet.

After that, you will be redirected to Adafruit.

Step 3: Log in Adafruit

You need yo log in. Then it asks you for authorization.

Click on authorize and now you have connected Adafruit with IFTTT.

Step 4: Configure the Applet

Now we need to configure the applet.

Step 5: Configure the Trigger Section

Here we configure the feed, the relationship, and the value that triggers the action.

I configured a temperature feed that triggers when the value is greater than 30 degrees. You can see it in the following picture.

Step 6: Configure the Email Section

You only need to configure the subject and the body of the email that you will receive.

Sorry, I write the subject and the body in Spanish, but I can write whatever you want. If you click on Add ingredient, you can add the feed value for example as I did in the picture above.

After all those configurations you only need to wait until the condition will be accomplished.

I hope you enjoy this project. If you have any comments or doubts, you can write to me.