Introduction: Rechargable Battery- 1.5v With No Cost

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We all need rechargable batteries for our projects. But they are at high cost. A 1.2v rechargable battery is 1$ or 70 rupees in India. Due to this I have decided to make a rechargable battery with less or no cost. Here I made super capaciter in my previous instructable with no cost which is useful here. We just need ole dead 1.2v rechargable battery and a normal AA 1.5v cell. In this instructable I have converted this old dead batteries into rechargable batteries along with tic tac rechargable battery. These three batteries are shown in the image.

Step 1: Materials Requaried:

1.A Super Capaciter. [My previous instructable - Simple Super Capacitor]

2.A waste rechargable cell and a normal 1.5 AA cell.



5.Cutting Blade.[for removing cell].

Step 2: Making Tic Tac Rechargable Cell:

Take a super capacitor [my previous instructable only] and some more salt to it. Remove a rechargable battery and add what ever chemical present in it [Li,Ni or lithium polymer]. Add half of the chemical. Now test it, it really works and the voltage after some use is regarded as 1.17. Before it is regarded as 1.63v and varied from 1.54 to 1.61 volts. Its storage voltage is 1.5v and it stores for an average of 9h a day.[check it up and comment].It is very useful with no cost. But I didn't used all the material in cell and I previously said in my instructable - " Simple Super Capacitor" that I will use other materials in cell after making Simple Super Capacitor. In next step I use both of them[rechargable cell and AA 1.5v cell].

Step 3: Making Two More Rechargable Cells:

There will be some empty place present in cells because we removed some mno2 and rechargable chemical. Follow the pictures carefully. You have to just mix both chemicals and then add stone rock salt as shown in the picture. Now inject water in both the cell upto the top. [I used a syringe to inject water]. After fit the cell part as shown in the picture. You will observe both the cells act as rechargable with same 1.5volts. These cells also have long life. Check it if you want to know yourself and comment about it.

Step 4: Conclusion:

Now these three batteries or cells are rechargable. We made them with no cost by using old dead cells. I hope you will like this instructable. If you like please vote me in the contest and make it favorite.

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