Introduction: Rechargable Flashlight PowerBank

I was messing around with a power bank that I had when I noticed that it would be extremely easy to add a couple diodes to the end of this, and have it still be able to charge your electronics! Yes I know that they sell these, but I just wanted to experiment on what I could do with this.

A little background on me:

I am not an electrician and not heavily informed on all matters, so If you have a change that you could make post it in the comments and I will be glad to read it.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Okay first off we are going to need to gather the following materials/tools.

►A Button(Any Similar On/Off Button Will Work)


►Soldering Iron

►Power Bank

►Light & Heavy Grit Sand Papper

Step 2: Pulling Apart the Power Bank

My particular power bank had 4 small screws at the top, I did not realize this until after I pried it apart. So make sure you check under those stickers.

►The first thing I did was pry off the top where the USB's sat with a butter knife

►Then I pulled out the contents and found a 3.7 V Battery & the 12V to 5 V module.

►I disassembled the wires from the converter so later I can easily put it into place.

Step 3: Jointing Wires to Battery

The next step will be to solder another wire to each terminal of the battery. Something that I found useful on my power banks battery was this little cover that I put back on, because the LED's will be sitting on it.

Step 4: Solder Together or Case?

From this point you can solder the negative to the LED(s), then the jumper from the positive end of the battery to the switch and from the switch to the LED(s). If this made you confused their will be a diagram at the end of the instructable.

On a side note I really wanted to put everything into a 1" PVC or a textured metal pipe that I could spray paint. The only PVC I had lying around was 1/2 and wouldn't fit the battery.

Step 5: Making a Case

Part 1

I wanted to use material that I had in front of me, so what I came out with was a really crude case. Although it got the job done...sort of, it could be nicer. (Note: This plastic cover came with the power bank)

►I used my soldering iron to melt away the bottom of the plastic case.

►I then removed a hole for the switch that will be placed in later.

►Lastly but not least is to sand away the imperfections from the melt away.

Party 2

The next piece of plastic that I will be using is originally from the case and retained the battery from earlier steps.

►I cutaway at the plastic leaving a little over a 2" long tube leaving it hollow at both sides.

►I also sanded the end where I cut.

Step 6: Assembling Everything

The next thing in the process of making this will be to assemble everything. The first thing that I did was wire in the button as depicted above. I pushed the button in and made minor sanding around the inside of the opening. The next thing was to pull the negative wire past the button and so on with the battery. I then soldered these wire to the LEDs that I had. On the opposite end I fetched the wires through the black plastic and soldered on the USB and its charging port. I also placed the cover of them both back on.

►I placed the battery just 1/4" above the switches hole, this will move.

Step 7: The Final Product

This could use some touching up such as the LEDs are not held in their respective place and you can see the sand marks in the translucent plastic. Other than that the concept turned out pretty well.

Step 8: Diagram

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