Introduction: Rechargeable LED Softbox

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In this small project i want to do a low cost softbox as lighter as i can and i like to power it just with a portable battery charger (that you can use and re-use) in order to move it freely around it.


The things that i need in order to make it:

  • 1 plastic container
  • 16 LED lights
  • 16 220 Ohms resistors
  • Some wire to connect and soldering wire too
  • 1 can of white paint in spray 1-PVC pipe (the most lighter you can get)
  • 8 screws with their respective bolts
  • 4 clips
  • 1 small piece of thin wood
  • Paper (to diffuse the light)
  • 1 battery charger

Step 1: The Base

In the first part i will make a square hole at the bottom of the plastic container and cut a small piece of wood that can cover the entire hole and a little bit more.

I will put the wood into the final position and attach it with four screws and bolts.

After that i will drill trough the holes to install the LEDs.

Step 2: The Diffuser Holders

With two sections of the PVC pipe i will make the part that will serve as a sustain of the square of paper (...that will work as a diffuser for the lights). I will attach this at the middle of each pipe with a screw (holes are made with a drill) and that will go into the "ears" of the plastic container just to make it a little more flexible.

At the tip of each pipe i will install the metallic paper clips.

Step 3: Paint and Soldering

A paint job will ensure that the light doesn't escape trough the transparent plastic, i choose white but it could be silver, or even so you can cover with aluminium foil.

I start to solder the resistors to the negative leg of each LED.

The other leg (+) will complete the circuit.

I found a small plastic piece that i install at the bottom to make the connection with the tripod.

Step 4: Power Supply and Connection

The battery charger will go behind the circuit attached with two nylon stripes and the connection will be an USB cable that i cut.

At the end will look more or less like in the third photo.

Step 5: Conclussion and Self Criticism

And that's it, there you have my version of a low cost rechargeable softbox.

After use it a little bit i can tell that i could use a lighter plastic container, i could use some more LEDs and make the connection a more stable with some piece of wood or something.