Introduction: Rechargeable High Bright White LEDs Lighting System

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A rechargeable LED lamp that i built a few months ago. This device looks weird because it has a different design lol well the design is that way because i used limited parts which were just lying around my components box. i just wanted make use of them. lol

• It is powered with an 1020 mAh 3.7V cellphone battery and can last around 4 hours

• It is rechargeable with a cellphone charger

• Using high bright White LEDs

Step 1: Tools and Components

1 watt White LEDs x 4 (or 3, the less led you use, the longer battery life)

Aluminium pieces (length as you want) x 2

Nut and bolts x 2

switch x 1

3.7V 1020 mAh battery x 1 (you could use different battery with higher capacity for long lasting operation, but be careful with it's voltage, you will need slight circuit modification to use different battery)

charge socket for recharging (i use a nokia charger and it's socket)x 1

the stand x 1

transistor s8050 x 1

resistor 100 ohm x 1

wires, connectors = as needed

A Circuit is provided with this with pictures of components that you need.

You could design your own light system with the circuit i provided, it's all upto you.

you could also use the same circuit to build a home made flashlight circuit. it's very useful, I'm building one and it is being developed. any help, I'm here :) ,

Enjoy building :)

Step 2: The Circuit

You may need basic electronics knowledge to build this circuit.

it will not need a PCB, just soldering the components together will work.

glue the leds on the aluminum pieces, they work as heat sink to keep leds safe in high temperature. also pay attention to transistor pinout.

Good luck,

happy building :)