Introduction: Recipe of the TRUE French Mayonnaise

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The French Mayonnaise sauce is one of the easiest thing to make and every family in France knows how to make it from scratch. it is also the base of a lot of other sauces some of which are famous worldwide.

Utensils and cookware needed:

1 whisk

1 medium size Bowl

1 tea towel to rest the bowl on while stirring the mayonnaise

Step 1: List of Ingredients Needed

Quantities to make enough mayonnaise for one meal at home:

1 Egg Yolk. (choose best quality eggs to get the best taste possible)

A pinch of salt

A pinch a pepper (black or white)

A few drops of white vinegar

1 Generous teaspoon of French Dijon Mustard

150 Ml of vegetable or sunflower oil. ( do not use olive oil)

Step 2: Mix the Base Ingredients in a Medium Size Bowl

In a medium size bowl add the egg Yolk, the salt, pepper, vinegar and Dijon Mustard.

Using a whisk, Stir slowly to combine all of the the ingredients together.

Step 3: Get the Emulsion Started

Start pouring a bit oil in the bowl over you mixture while stirring continuously.

As soon as the oil integrates the mix add a bit more.

Step 4: Start Pouring Oil Regularly in the Bowl Until Done

By now you should have a something that starts looking much more like a Mayonnaise and the mix should be quite thick already.

From there on, you can pour the rest of the oil bit by bit while stirring.

keep pouring until the oil is gone.

Finish with a last vigorous stir to give some body to your Mayonnaise and your're done.

Step 5: Enjoy

Mayonnaise in France is usually served alongside Cold meats (beef and chicken) and used a lot in tomato and tuna based Sandwiches


Here are a few tips to get more out your Mayonnaise:

Add garlic and a hit of lemon juice to the mix to create a French Aoili.(Garlic sauce)

Add capers,gherkins,onions,parsley and tarragon to the Mayonnaise to transform it into a Tartar Sauce.

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