Introduction: Reclaim and Recharge an A/C System

Hello everyone today I’m going to show you how to reclaim refrigerant and recharge you’re A/C system on your agriculture equipment


The supplies you will need for this is a set of pressure gauges made for the specific refrigerant in the system. You will also need an extension cord, refrigerant reclaimer, recycler, and recharge machine. These are also specific to the type of refrigerant in your system.

Step 1: Checking Pressures

The first thing to do is to connect your pressure gauges to the machine on the compressor lines ports. The gauges have a high side pressure and a low side pressure gauge. The way you connect these is the red hose high-pressure line has a larger diameter quick coupler on the end of the hose compared to the blue low-pressure line. So then you take the red line and quick couple the end to the larger port on the machine. Do the same thing to the smaller blue line on the smaller port. Once they are both connected you will have to put pressure on the gauges. On the backside of the quick couplers, there will be a knob that you will tighten to allow refrigerant to flow up to the gauges to read the pressure in the gauge. At the initial start, both gauges should read the exact same psi. The psi should equal out to what the ambient air temperature is. The next thing you want to do once you get your reading is to reverse the process and disconnect the pressure gauges

Step 2: Connecting the A/C Reclaimer

Next, you will want to connect you’re a/c reclaimer up to the system the same way you did with the gauges and the pressure will show on those gauges as well. Then plug in the machine using the extension cord and turn on the switch on the front of the machine. The screen will light up and run through its booting up process. Once it’s fully loaded you will have the options down on the bottom of the screen indicating auto, reclaim, vacuum, and charge. You will want to click the arrow corresponding with the icon that says reclaim. The machine will then take over and test the inlet pressure line and begin sucking out the refrigerant. You will have to do nothing during this step except for watching the machine pressures and the refrigerant leaving the system.

Step 3: Reclaim and Vacuum the System

Once the machine is done reclaiming the refrigerant from the machine it will show how much refrigerant was pulled out of the system. The next thing you want to do is put a vacuum on the system to remove any moisture from the lines to ensure that when you put the refrigerant back in you won’t have water contamination. Once you go back to the main screen you will click on the arrow corresponding with the icon that says vacuum. The machine will check pressures again in the system. Then it will ask you how long to put the machine under a vacuum state. You want to set the machine for no less than 30 minutes. To set the time on it the first number box will flash this will represent the tens of minutes you want. You will press the number 3 button on the keypad and it will appear on the screen in the slot. The time will then read 30 minutes. You will press the arrow that corresponds to the green checkmark to begin the vacuum process. You will then wait for the vacuum cycle to complete.

Step 4: Recharging the Refrigerant

The final step after you vacuum the system is to recharge the system with refrigerant. To do so you will start at the home screen again and press on the arrow for recharge. It will check pressures again. Then it will show you a screen that asks for how many pounds of refrigerant you want to put in the system. To do so you will need to look up the exact amount required for the machine. NOT just putting the same amount back in as what you pulled out. Once you find the spec you can enter in the number the same way you did for the vacuum. If you only need 1.9 pounds then you would press the 0 button on the keypad for the tens place. The machine will shift you over to the one's place where you will select the number 1. It will move over to the tenth place which you will select the number 9. Once you finished you will click the arrow next to the checkmark and watch it fill the machine with refrigerant. There will be a page that pops up on the screen that says it has finished filling the machine with refrigerant and will show how much it was put in. It will then instruct you to back the valves off the hoses. To do that you have to turn the thumbscrew counter-clockwise on the very end of the hoses until they stop. Then release the quick couplers and install the caps back on the compressor line ports. Then you are done and have completed reclaiming and recharging an a/c system.

Step 5: Instructional Video