Introduction: Reclaimed Cap Wall Art

First I use 3 pieces of wood then start making the shape of the shoe. Once you find the shape that you like you nail it to the boards then your done and yes it as a display.


Reclaimed drift wood, staples , staple gun, and old reclaimed beer caps

Step 1:

Get a wood as the base of your project.

Step 2:

Then reuse bottle caps that you have.

Step 3:

pick out the colors of the caps that you need.

Step 4:

once you have the color caps then you would like to use a picture to reference the art.

Step 5:

once you find the reference picture then you want to crush some caps to make some spots proportional.

Step 6:

Then figure out the amount of caps you will need to finish this project.

Step 7:

Once you have the amount and every thing then you will start to prototype the shoe of the image you have chosen.

Step 8:

Once you get the perfect shape that you want then you will do that and leave it as is.

Step 9:

Then nail the caps onto the board with a nail gun be careful.

Step 10:

Finally you will get a finished project like this then you shall be able to display.