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Introduction: Reclaimed Industrial Filing Cabinet Build

About: Former NFL Offensive lineman turned Furniture maker. I am self taught and sharing my experiences with the world!

In this Instructable I make reclaimed wood industrial cabinets using old wall studs and barn wood. Check out the video and the step by step to make one yourself!

Step 1: Dimension Lumber and Glue Up Panels

you first want to get all of your panels made for the cabinet. I dimension the lumber and then glue up each panel for the entire cabinet carcass and the drawers. This helps save time in the long run

Step 2: Cut Rails and Styles for Face Frame and Pocket Holes

Here you want to cut your rails and styles to length then go ahead and pocket hole your face frame together.

Step 3: Assemble Cabinet Carcass

In this step you want to assemble your cabinet carcass using the panels you made. I use counter sunk wood screws for this.

Step 4: Cut All Your Metal and Weld Face Frames

Next cut all your angle iron to size and make all your mitre cuts as well. Then tack your frames for the cabinet fronts and backs together. Once they are the right size finish weld them and grind down the welds. Align the front and back frames on the carcass and then tack weld the cross braces on.

Step 5: Assemble and Install Drawers

Now you want to assemble your drawers using glue and screws and attach your sliders to the cabinet. Using a space align your drawers inside the cabinet and attach the sliders to the drawers accordingly.

Step 6: Align and Attach Face Frame , Secure Top of Cabinet

Moving ahead you want to attach your face frames to the drawers. Once you align the face frames and attach them to the drawers, insert the top of the drawer.

Step 7: Apply Finish

Apply your finish of choice to the cabinet. I use water based poly acrylic.

Step 8: Attach Drawer Pulls

Attach your pulls and thats a wrap.

I hope you enjoyed this build. Please watch the video for a more detailed tutorial and step by step instructions!

Happy Building

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    5 years ago

    Nicely done John, this is a great looking cabinet.

    I'm in the process of saving up for a welder, and this is the kind of stuff I'd be using it for. Any recommendations for a good one for this kind of project?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Only, where is the blade guard??


    Reply 5 years ago

    Hey buddy, thanks for the feedback.

    I would go with a Lincoln Electric, start small with a 120 or 140 that you can run on 110v and you dont need 220v. the suggestion is always to get the best machine you can afford (which I agree with). I think you can weld up to 1/4" with machines in that range and still get good penetration. Im still learning as well.

    Here is a good beginner option for you


    Reply 5 years ago

    Cool, thanks! Keep up the good work - looking forward to your next project.