Introduction: Reclaimed Oak Trestle Table

This table was made completely from scratch using a single huge oak beam reclaimed from a 125 year old barn in northern Wisconsin.

Step 1: Making Boards for Tabletop

After actually finding, hauling, drying, de-bugging and cleaning a 125 year old white oak barn beam, I cut it to approximate length using a Prazi beam cutter. I then bookmatch saw it on my sawmill into 2-inch thick boards.

Step 2: Plane, Join and Glue

After running the boards through the planer I joint the edges using my festool track saw. I then used a biscuit joiner and glue the boards for the tabletop together.

Step 3: Square the Edges and Sanding

I squared off the edges, again using my trusty Festool track saw. I then began the arduous process of initial sanding.

Step 4: Fill Voids With Epoxy

Once I have an initial rough sanding done, I fill all the voids with epoxy. Then sand and sand and sand and sand some more.

Step 5: Finishing the Top

I use an equal mixture of BLO, Tung oil and Polyurethane to finish the top. I ended up doing 7 coats, sanding with 500 grit between each coat.

Step 6: Base Build

I used a simple designed but spiced it up with a mix of color and raw wood - from the same beam the top came from.

Tables and Desks Contest 2016

Second Prize in the
Tables and Desks Contest 2016