Introduction: Reclaimed Pallet Side Table With Drawer Space

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I have recently taken to reusing pallets to make tables and other what nots. This is my attempt at an instructable showing how I made a side table out of one of these pallets. Figured why not reuse this lumber and maybe keep another tree from getting cut down. All criticism and comments are welcomed and encouraged. Hopefully someone out there will enjoy this or give it a shot.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

First thing first gather up your materials. You'll need some

Pallets (obviously) 
Nails (used from the disassembled pallet)
Wood Glue
Wood Stain(optional)

Step 2: Disassemble Pallet

First things first you'll need to find a way to disassemble the pallets. I just use a hammer and chisel to break through some of the nails on one of the top planks on the pallet then use the hammer and another piece of scrap wood and just hammered the rest of the planks off one at a time. Remember to try and salvage as much of the pallets as possible planks, and nails. Unfortunately I failed to take any pictures of this step , but I think that you should be able to make it ha ha 

Step 3: Cut and Assemble Frame

Next you'll want to decide on the dimensions that you want for your table. Mine ended up being 29" x 18" and I believe 22" high.
I used a regular circular saw set at 45° angle to cut the corners. I decided to make one frame and then do some measurements and make another frame with the wider planks to go around the frame I had already made so that the top of the table could just rest inside the frame. I used wood glue as well as salvaged nails to hold the frame together.

Step 4: Cutting and Attaching Top/bottom Planks and Legs

Now you want to measure up your frame and cut your top planks to size so that they  fit inside of your frame nicely.  Next cut your legs to the height your are gonna want to have your table at. Go ahead and attach your legs to the frame , for this step I did use some screws mixed in with the nails. At this point I go ahead and sand the planks I am going to use for the top and the bottom.  After you have your legs attached measure out what you will need to cover the bottom of the table and cut them out of the left over planks and go ahead nail those to the bottom of your table. Next flip it back upright and attach the middle plank on the top side of the table. After attaching the middle plank to the top you'll want to find a way to attach the other planks together as to make two little doors for each  side of the top of the table. Find you some hinges you like and use them to attach the two doors you just made to the middle plank you already have down .

Step 5: Stain, Clear and Enjoy =)

The last step that I did was to Sand everything down and give it a good coat of stain. For this project I used Antique Walnut Cabot wood stain. I would stain one plank at a time and wipe with a rag to give it a lighter color(still turned out a little darker than I expected but eh.....I like it). Well that is pretty much the gist of it all. If you like please let me know and if you take a shot at making a similar one I would love to see it. Again all comments and criticisms are much appreciated and encouraged. Now get out and make something