Introduction: Reclaimed Pallet Wine Rack

Hello Instructables,

This is my first project, so please be gentle about the critics. I made a wine rack for 1 bottle and 4 glasses.


2 x 12 cm x 110 cm wood (reclaimed from old pallets)

2 x 12 cm x 10 cm wood (reclaimed from old pallets)

Black paint (I used spray paint but any kind of paint is OK)


Saw (I used table saw and jigsaw, but what you have is OK)




Step 1: Measure, Clean and Prepare the Wood

Cut and sand all your pieces of wood. You do not need to make detailed sanding, its just need for cleaning the dirt of a used pallet.

Step 2: Make the Hole for the Bottle and Glasses

Make the hole with 38 mm drill bit. It almost fits with most of the bottles.

I used 25 mm drill bit for glass holders and open a 15 mm way for the glasses (unfortunately I forgot to take pictures)

Step 3: Assembly

Make the assembly. Pre-drilling holes will help to make better assembly.

Clamps are great helpers for exact fittings.

Step 4: Sanding

Before painting sanding is the most important part.

I used 60, 120,180 and 240 grd sand paper. Better way to understand its enought to make sanding is draw a line with a pencil and sand until it dissepears.

Sand until you have a soft, silky touch on the wood.

Step 5: Painting and Finishing

I used black spray paint to finish the wine rack. I paint for the first coat, let it dry for one and paint the second coat.

Wait for 24 hours to dry and make a smooth sanding with 240 grd sand paper (with hand not with the power tool)

Step 6: Hang and Enjoy

Hang your wine rack to the wall and enjoy it.

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