Introduction: Reclaimed Wood Bison Head


  • Reclaimed wood (I used old EuroPalets, but any reclaimed wood is suitable)
  • Wood Screws
  • Metal reenforcements


  • Projector *
  • Jigsaw
  • Clamp
  • Electrical Screwdriver

* plotter, printer or any other way to create a large template can also be used.

Step 1: Extract Image

Choose an Image of a Bison* and open it in Photoshop/ (ipad).
Using the paintbrush tool outline the contours of your Image, in this case the Bison Head.

*make sure that you can see "layers" on the image which can be traced. i found it very difficult for some animals i tested (owl, wolf, etc) to find a clear line where the layering makes sense.

Step 2: Create Template

Using a projector transfer each layer onto a sheet of backingpaper or any other paper suitable as a Template.
Cut out each layer and check for fit with other layers.

Step 3: Transfer Template Onto Reclaimed Wood

create a surface out of your reclaimed wood.

Place template onto the wood amd trace around the outside.

Repeat for all layers.

In the image of the wood layer you can see that the width of the reclamed wood did not match the width of the template for the 3rd and 4th piece from the left. In this case i split the wood in the middle and left a gap inbetween the pieces. If the sculpture is to be wall mounted this allows for a flush mounting later.

Step 4: Cutting

Using the clamp, fasten the pieces to your workbench and cut out each piece of each layer.
Make sure to layble the piece at the back, lable the layer it comes from and the location in the layer.
Place all pieces loosly ontop of eachother to check the fit of each layer to the next.
Make adjustments if necessary.

Step 5: OPTIONAL Painting

Paint or lacker your Bison if you want, this is optional

Step 6: Assembely

Using the metal supports screw the first layer together. It can be very tricky to get screw the pieces together without forming a gab. I found using clamps does not work too well, the indvidual parts of the layer start to lift up sometimes. I also had to use wood dowels in some places (the bottom pieces), but this is may not allways be the case depending on the width of the wood pieces used.
Screw the next layer onto the first layer in places where the next layer will cover all the screws.
The last layer will be glued on, so that no screws can be seen.

Step 7: Mount

The mount is made out of metal tracks connected with brackets suitable for the track system. The back it is connected with simple screws. There are several ways to mount the Bison, I opted for the stand because i want to be flexible where i place it in my apartment.

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