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Introduction: Reclaimed Wood Herb or Plant Stand

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I still have a few pieces of reclaimed wood leftover from some pallets I managed to get my hands on. I thought it might be nice to make a herb of plant stand using the leftover bits of reclaimed wood and some old drawers that I have been wanting to use.

The drawers were salvaged from a dresser that was falling apart. I've had them for quite a while but didn't know what to use them for. This herb or plant stand is perfect and adds a splash of colour, as well as a few herbs, to the winter garden.

Step 1: Get Started

When working with reclaimed wood of any kind, you need to remove any old nails or screws. Use a hammer to hit the nails on the tip so that you can level out with a claw hammer.

The overall size of the herb or plant stand that I made is 860H x 550D x 500W. This means the legs are 860mm long. You will need to adjust the widths of the other planks to fit the size of drawers you are mounting.

1. At the top of bottom of each leg cut a 15-degree angle. Remember that these are opposing angle (sloping in different directions). When you lay the planks flat as they will be assembled, you will see that the 15-degrees gives you a straight edge when the planks are placed at an angle.

2. Once you have cut the legs you can determine the spacing and length for the cross-pieces. If your drawers are longer you adjust the length of the three cross-pieces accordingly.

3. Use 4 x 30mm screws to attach the cross-pieces to the frame. With one side completed you can duplicate this to make the second size.

Step 2: Attach the Drawers

The inside of the drawers was sprayed with Rust-Oleum Leak Seal to create a waterproof seal and protect the drawers from rot.

4. To mount the drawers they were placed on top of one of the sides and screwed into the bottom and middle cross-pieces. I then hand someone hold the assembly straight while I attached the remaining side.

5. Lastly, I attached a couple of pieces on top of the stand. Thought this might come in handy for storage or extra plants.

Pop onto for more project ideas using reclaimed timber or wood.

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khama rashid
khama rashid

8 years ago on Introduction

nice job but i have little notice if you painted white is more beautiful


8 years ago on Introduction

Nice idea for small or big spaces, herbs are a nice add to it, great Ible keep it up!