Introduction: Reclaimers' Stick Fiddle

This is a fretted "folk fiddle" from less than $5 worth of materials.  We are building an orchestra made up of these instruments...
Here's a recording...
Here's a short video of goings on at the workshop.

Step 1: Materials

The main spine is 19 x 25 hardwood (3/4 x 1")

Here are the rest of the bits.

Step 2: Shape the Pieces

There's a lot more to say about this.  There are a lot of ways of doing it...

Step 3: Put It Together

The bridge has a shallow "v" on the bottom of it which allows the bridge to rock slightly.

Step 4: String It Up

The plain strings are looped and twisted.  The wound strings are tied with a single half-hitch.

Step 5: Variations

The 4 string version has the standard triangular fret board profile.