Introduction: Record Player Speaker Cover

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Dimensions Base : 75mm (Width) x 70mm (Height) x 75mm (Depth)

Dimensions Top: 110mm (Diameter)

Fits 65mm (Diameter) speaker though any speaker of similar dimension would work.

Step 1: 3D Model

I first made a 3D model on Onshape to simulate the final product.

Step 2: Drawing

Then I took the 3D model and put it in Inkscape and made the pastern to be cut out. I have provided the STL and PDF encase you want to change the dimensions. The STL can be used to change the dimentions if loaded back into Inkscape. You use the PDF to print it. Make sure to keep in mind that the pastern (at it's current size) is made to be cut out of 3mm thick wood.

Step 3: Assembly

Once you have cut out all of the pieces you will need to find a dowel that fits in the center of the top. Cut the dowel so that it is flush with the bottom. Then use wood glue and assemble.

1. Glue the dowel in the hole.

2. Glue the small circle that originally came out of the hole and glue it on top.

3. Glue the arm on the top.

4. Glue the sides together.

5. Wrap rubber bands around it to hold it together.

6. Glue the top on.

7. Enjoy