Introduction: Record Sling TV

What You'll Need:
Roku 1
RF Modulator
DVR (Or VCR and VHS Tapes)
Universal Remote

Step 1: Setting Up the Hardware

Plug The Roku into the RF Modulator, the RF Modulator into the DVR, and the DVR into the TV. You can also plug a TV antenna into the RF in port on the RF Modulator for local channels, but this is optional. If you have both a Cable In and Antenna In on your DVR, Plug the RF mod into Cable In, and if you have an antenna, plug it into the Antenna In port.

Step 2: Setting Up the Software

Scan for channels on the DVR. The Roku should be on channels 3 or 4 and the local channels should be on there normal channel. Set up the Roku and sign into all of your services.

Step 3: Your Done!

You can now use Sling TV, or other Roku services, with your DVR! If you really want a cable tv experience, you can use an RF splitter and connect it to additional TVs (or more DVRs).