Introduction: Record Store Costume for Halloween

In this instructable I would like to share with the community at large, how to make a record store halloween costume out of *mostly* junk.

When I get back from trick or treating(despite the age cap none of us follow). I will upload pictures of the finished costume.

I chose to make this as a costume because of my recent adventures at the good will warehouse store in st louis. every time I go there i notice all of the not playable but still cool looking records they always have, and have always been looking for a good use for them. I in the past have made guitar picks and even a phone holster from them but now that it is halloween time and I had no costume I needed to think of something quick.and thus the record store costume was born.

Step 1: Materials

The materials needed to complete this project are as follows:

10-  unplayable 45 rpm records (the smaller ones)
1- spool of black or dark blue thread
1- needle
1- old shirt you don't mind ruining in a dark color
1- bumper sticker from your favorite record store(usually free if you ask)
1- hat that is large enough to put the sticker on
EDIT: unfortunately after completing most of the costume I realized I lost the bumper sticker and thusly found out that you should be able to substitute business cards if they look enough like the stores sign

Step 2:

thread your needle with a fairly long length of thread and then start your stitch from the inside of the shirt where you want the inside of the record to be and then stitch into the front side of the shirt where the top of the record is and then do this one more time and tie off your thread. do this for each record making sure not to get the thread tangled.

Step 3:

this is the easiest step in the whole project. simply attach the sticker onto the hat in a way it can be easily seen.
EDIT: for any of you who had to improvise with the business card like I did just stitch the two edges down with little x's and it should hold

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