Introduction: Cheaply Recording Your Own Music for Youtube

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Recording original tunes for your Youtube Channel is super fun and you don't need a lot of expensive studio equipment to get good sounding music. All you need besides the obvious (instruments) is a USB audio interface and a computer.

Here's what I use:

Lexicon Lambda USB Interface:

Garage Band:

Alesis DM7X Midi Drums(optional):

Step 1: Preparation for Rocking.

I use the Lexion Lambda 2 channel USB Interface. It is an inexpensive introduction to home recording. It has XLR microphone inputs and a standard instrument jack input. Since I'm not planning on recording a major label rock opera, plugging my guitar or bass directly into the Lambda provides me with a simple way to control the quality of my instruments avoiding amps and microphones.

Electronic drums are a fun way to record live drums without all the noise. Most all electric kits features MIDI. MIDI is a data connection from the drum's interface to the Lambda. Using MIDI gives you control over the drum sounds after you record them.

Using electronic drums isn't necessary, however. There are many ways to program MIDI drums without a drumkit. Fruity Loops, for example is a drum software package for recording MIDI drums. If you have a Mac, GarageBand has a great drum package included that is awesome.

Step 2: Software Stuff.

GarageBand for Mac is the software of choice for me, mainly because it was free, but that doesn't mean that it is not awesome! It has so many amps, effects, and drum samples. If you don't have a Mac, there are free alternatives for PC :

By plugging in directly to the USB interface and using the amp models and effects build in to Garageband, you maintain total control over the tone of your instrument. You can change the sound at anytime!

Step 3: Get to Rocking!

The goal for a music bed is to have a simple, repeatable music loop. I usually write just two parts to the song. After composing a simple concept, I start by slappin' da bass with a click track (metronome). Next, are the drums, followed by rhythm guitar and finally, lead guitar.