Introduction: Recording Your Gameplay

Want to record your gameplay but don't know how? Or do all the programs do not what you want? Then this Instructable is for you!

In this Instructable I will show you how to record/stream your gameplay with various programs.

Good luck with recording!

Step 1: Razer Game Booster

Although it name let's you think it only boosts your game you can also record with it.

  1. Download it from
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Login with your Razer Account or create one
  4. If it doesn't automatically finds your game, click on the plus icon and search your game's exe.
  5. For recording go to Screencast
  6. Select Video Capture and tune your settings.
  7. Record in-game with pressing Ctrl + Alt + V or the hotkey you set.
  8. You can't record the game audio and the microphone audio together. You will have to do a voice-over.

Step 2: Fraps

Fraps is the most known screenrecording program in the world. The full version costs 27 euros. The free version has a limited recording time and a watermark.

  1. Download Fraps from
  2. Eventually buy it from
  3. Run the installer and install it.
  4. When in Fraps click on Movies
  5. Configure your recording options...
  6. ... And when in-game press F10 or the hotkey you set.

Step 3: Snagit

A simple but expensive video recorder. It costs 49.95 dollars.

  1. You can download it from
  2. You have to give your email address to get the trial version.
  3. Run the installer and install Snagit
  4. Snagit starts as a dock, hover your mouse over the camera.
  5. Click on the rader icon to access the simple settings. Then press More Preferences to access to real settings.
  6. Go to Hotkeys and set your prefered hotkeys.
  7. When in-game press Shift + F9 or the hotkey you set to start recording.

Step 4: Camtasia Studio

Another expensive screenrecorder from Techsmith. It costs 220 pounds and has an built in video editor (Actually it is a video editor with a built in screenrecorder).

  1. Download the trial version from
  2. Eventually buy it from
  3. Again you have to give in your email address.
  4. Run the installer and install Camtasia Studio.
  5. Launch Camtasia Studio.
  6. Press Record the screen to record the screen.
  7. It will begin immediately with recording therefore you need to cut the beginning out.
  8. There are no settings to be edited.

Step 5: CamStudio

CamStudio is an open-source screenrecorder. It also has the feature to record the webcam and the screen simultaneously.

  1. Download CamStudio from (You need to scroll down the webpage).
  2. Run the installer and install CamStudio. Only accept the first license agreement the rest is adware!
  3. When the installation is done it gives you another Accept button, just close the installer!
  4. CamStudio will autolaunch.
  5. Just press the red round button to record your screen.
  6. You'll need to cut out the firts bit of your video because of the lack of hotkeys.

Step 6: Dxtory

Dxtory is a screen recorder which records directly from DirectX and OpenGL, so what you see in the game you see in the video. It costs 3600 jpy which is about 35 usd and 25.51 euros.

  1. Download Dxtory from
  2. Run the installer and install Dxtory.
  3. Run Dxtory and when you open up an DirectX or OpenGL application press F12 to record.

Step 7: My Favourites

My favourite is Razer Game Booster because it's easy to use and just works. (I've had problems with Fraps and other screenrecorders)

The screenrecorder for also recording your desktop is Fraps. (Despite my problems with it)

I would love to know what your favourite screen recoder!

Goud luck with recording!

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