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Introduction: Chair Seat Cover

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I have a very old chair that belonged to my Great-Grandmother. I've been wanting to recover the seat for awhile.

It has an old, tattered needlepoint seat cover. This was not the original cover, when I removed this I discovered 3 more layers beneath it.

This project only took a couple of hours to do and I am pleased with the results, I think my Great-Grandmother would be too!

Step 1: Supplies

1 old cotton Hawaiian shirt

1 old Men's cotton shirt

Wonder-Under fusible webbing

Batting or Fleece (I was able to re-use the old batting)




Step 2: Remove Old Seat Cushion

Look under the chair and see if you need a regular screwdriver or a Phillips head screwdriver. Remove the screws and lift seat off of frame.

Step 3: Fusible Webbing

Iron the fusible webbing onto the wrong side of the fabric. Peel the paper off and place a piece of solid cotton fabric onto the webbing. Press. This will fuse the 2 fabrics together and make it extra strong and durable.

Place the seat cushion upside down on top of this and trim fabric, leaving 2" around all 4 sides of seat.

Step 4: Cover

Wrap fabric around sides and starting in the center of each side, gently pull fabric tightly and hammer small upholstery nails into bottom of seat.

When the sides are secure, Gather corners with needle and thread.

Step 5: Replace Seat Cushion

Turn cushion over and place onto the chair frame. Line up holes for screws and replace the screws tightly.

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    6 years ago

    Great instructable. I happen to have the identical chair, which belonged to my grandmother. Your photos brought to mind a bittersweet memory.

    I recently replaced the plywood seat on that chair, and found under the upholstery a note left by my dad when he re-covered the chair in 1992. The note said "What did you expect to find, money?" Hilarious, just like my dad. What's poignant about the story is my dad passed away in 2002, so it was like a time capsule - him reaching out and touching me after so many years. My mom cried when I told her about it.

    So I added the words, "Here it is" to the note, signed it and dated it, and placed a dollar in amongst the coverings, then replaced and reupholstered the chair. Maybe someone in the future will find my time capsule. Thanks for the memories!


    Reply 6 years ago

    That is wonderful, thank you for sharing! I just know someday, someone will find your note, (and the dollar) and smile!