Introduction: Recyclable Jellyfish Costume

School Project

The jellyfish cardboard costume was a result of a high school technology midterm assignment.  The objective was to create a costume for halloween, a party, play, or other function for a middle school child, but made only out of cardboard.  A cardboard costume,created by the user, is a less expensive way to have a great costume, and  to "go green." 

Design Brief

I plan to design and produce a marine themed costume made completely out of cardboard.  I have chosen a jellyfish as my costume inspiration. 


- Used by middle school children ages 10 to 13 years old
- Intended for a play, party, Halloween, or other function
-Marine themed


- Only material is cardboard
- Slotted construction
- Flat pack design

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Supply List:

Item:                   Material Description:            Quantity:                    Size:
S1                             Cardboard                             1                   Approx. 36 sq. ft

Step 2: Gather Tools

Tools and Equipment List:

Item:             Tool:                             Use:
T1             Cutting Mat                      Protect the surface under itself from the utility knife
T2             Utility Knife                      Cut out cardbaord shapes that are eventually put together
T3             Ruler                                Measure shapes
T4             Pencil                              Draw shapes that are cut out
T5             Circle Template/           Create different shapes that will eventually attach to each other

Step 3: Parts List

Parts List:

Item:            Quantity:                                     Part Name:
P1                     2                                             Front/back and tentacles
P2                     1                                             Body

Step 4: Parts Production: S1

Part P1: Front/back and tentacles

1. Use the pencil (T4) and the ruler (T3) to draw the front and tentacles(S1), and the back and tentacles, which look identical, onto the cardboard (S1).
2. Place the cutting mat (T1) underneath the cardboard (S1), and then cut out the shapes with the utility knife (T2).

Step 5: Parts Production: S2

Part P2: Body

1. Use the pencil (T4) and the ruler (T3) to draw 2 ft by 3 ft rectangle onto the cardboard (S1).
2. Use the pencil (T4) and the ruler (T3) to mark 4, 2 inch slits onto the body, 1 inch from the long side, and 1 inch from the short side on all four corners.
3. Place the cutting mat (T1) underneath the cardboard (S1) and cut out the body (P2) and the four slits using the utility knife (T2).
4. Crease all throughout the body (P2) by holding the part length wise and bending inward to give the piece a more rounded shape.
5.Cut an approximately 1 ft by 1 ft circle in the center of the body (S2), depending on the width of the user's shoulders, using the compass (T5).

Step 6: Assembling Costume: Step 1

1. Slide the 2 flaps on top of the front and tentacles (P1) into the 2 slits on the front of the body (P2). Either short end of the body (P2) is fine as the front or back of the jellyfish.

Step 7: Assembling Costume: Step 2

2. Slide the 2 flaps on top of the back and tentacles (P1) into the slits on the back of the body (P2).

Step 8: Ready to Wear

Your cardboard jellyfish costume is now ready to wear on the shoulders to any costume function! Have fun!