Introduction: Recycle Empty Lighter

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Hi Maker Today i will show you a simple and fast Instructables!

In this instructables you can transform a empty Lighter in a amazing fire starter!

You need only few components:

-Empty Lighter (naturally)


-Strip connector


If you want see the video about this instructables you can see here:

Step 1: The Strip Connector

This component is really helpuf for our project.

You only unscrew the screw and remove the little piece of metal inside

After remove one of the screw and put them in the piece of metal

Step 2: Broke You Lighter!

Take your screwdrivers and broke the metal on top of your lighter, you only remove the metal wheel and you can bring the Mischmetal , be careful because inside there is a spring and if you not have attention you can lost the Mischmetal

Step 3: Fix the Firestarter

Grab the screw and put the mischmetal inside the piece of metal (look the photo)
After you only tighten the screw on the little mischmetal and you have finish!

Now go to the next step to try this firestarter!

Step 4: Light the Fire!

Ok! if you arrived here is really good!

now you only learn the perfect technique for light the fire.

i use the cotton disk because with this it's really simple make fire, open one in two part and set on the ground, after use a knife to create a sparkle on top of cotton, after few second (and after multiple attemps) You can see the sparkle diffuse on the cotton disk.
Good job, you light a fire like a survival man!

Remember this instructables and don't throw away the empty lighter

bye bye Makers