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Introduction: Recycle Flower

Having just completed a project that made use of left over materials Offcut-Stack-Birdhouse, even the making of that project created its fair share of offcuts. In fact most projects result in left over material.

But rather than throwing all the left overs away if there is sufficient material its retained for another possible project when something comes to mind.

In this case I had a number of circular leftovers, in keeping with the most recent projects and the summer weather conditions, something for the garden. At the same time all projects do not have to involve a lot of time.

A recycle flower to decorate the shed door would be created.


Circular wooden circles created with ~102mm Holesaw - Qty 7

Screws 20mm x 3mm - Qty 12

L-Brackets - Qty 6

2mm drill bit

Paint, any suitable colours.

Tri Square



Step 1: Design

The design is visualised in BlocksCAD.

Consisting of seven offcut circles, one in the centre and six placed around the the perimeter.

This was not intended to represent a specific type of flower but more an artistic representation of a flower form.

But most closely resembles a Star-shaped (stellate), radiating from a common centre.

Step 2: Preparation

Take the previously cut circles and paint with quick drying undercoat paint and allow to dry.

Step 3: Arrange for Drilling

Once the circles have dried, arrange into the required flower pattern and position the L-brackets.

Mark the position of the holes in the petals.

The central part (pistil), needs to have the holes drilled around the edge.

With a ruler draw a line between two directly oppositely placed L-brackets passing through the centre of each bracket and the centre of the wooden circle.

This will result in six equal segments..

With a tri square extend each line along the edge.

Position the L-bracket along the edge with its hole centrally aligned with the edge line and mark the hole.

Each petal is to have one hole on the flat side and the pistil will have six holes around the edge.

Step 4: Drill the Holes

Clamp the circles on a sacrificial board to protect the work surface prior to drilling.

With a 2mm drill bit make the holes, when drilling the petals make sure not to go through to the other side.

In this case the wood is 24mm thick and the screws 20mm long.

Drill six 2mm diameter holes (sufficiently deep to accommodate the screw), around the edge of the circular piece that will be the centre of the flower.

Step 5: Fit the Brackets

Depending on the colour, the pattern and the type of paint, you may wish to paint the elements in your chosen colour scheme.

However, its preferable to paint before final assembly which will allow painting of all areas without unintended transference of colours.

If the flower will be viewed only from one side, then the brackets need not be painted.

With the screws attach the L-brackets around the edge of the central part (pistil), all orientated the same way.

Then attach each petal to an L-bracket, this completes the build.

Step 6: Position

Using the hole that already exists in the central part of the flower insert a screw or nail and attach it to a suitable surface (shed door for example), to fix the flower in place.

Fixing options are to fit two hooks, wires or strings through the holes in the upper two petals and hang from an extended right angle bracket to display both sides in a similar way to a sign.

Alternatively, place on a ledge or shelf.

Step 7: Finally

All done.

Time to admire your work.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    5 days ago

    That's a nice idea :) You could stick them on sturdy dowels and stick them in your yard or garden too :)


    Reply 5 days ago

    Thanks, yes that's true.