Introduction: Recycle Old Headphones

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I made these earrings using my old headphones. Follow along and create your own or they can be a gift. Nothing beats handmade. Let's Go!

Step 1: Gather Materials

Items needed to make earrings:

  • Old Headphones - I used my old Apple EarPods
  • 6 Jump Rings
  • 2 Earring Hooks
  • 2 Eye Pins
  • 2 Crimp Beads - I found these at a thrift store, so I used them as crimp beads.
  • E6000 glue, you can also use Epoxy
  • Jewelry Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Nail Polish - your choice of color
  • 2 Chain Links
  • 6 Charms - your choice

Step 2: Cut Headphones

Using scissors or jewelry pliers (cutters), cut headphones from wires. I started with the scissors first, then I used the cutters.

Step 3: Paint Headphones

Using nail polish, paint headphones. Allow to dry thoroughly before moving on to step 4. Nail polish came from dollar store.

Watch clip in video.

Step 4: Adding Jump Rings and Charms

First - open jump ring, twisting apart, not pulling apart. Add a charm to jump ring, then slide jump ring on rubber tip. Charms came from old chains.

Step 5: Adding Crimp Beads

These crimp beads are quite unusual, however they worked perfectly. I believe their used in sewing materials. I found them in a thrift store.

Slide crimp bead on rubber tip.

Step 6: Adding Eye Pins

Using E6000 glue, place a few drops on eye pin, then push eye pin down through hole. Use jewelry pliers to squeeze crimp beads together, locking in place. Add a tip of glue to the top for extra hold. Let it dry before adding additional jump rings and charms.

Step 7: Adding Chain Links, Earring Hooks, and More Charms

I took an old necklace and chains, removed the charms and links, then used them to make these earrings.

Add jump ring to eye pin, before closing jump ring, place a link on and add earring hook, then close jump ring.

On the links, add charms to jump rings, then place charms on links.

Step 8: Finish

Have fun "Jus Being Creative" and wearing your piece.




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