Introduction: Recycle Old PCB Parts Into Sculptures

Instead of chucking out all those old circuit boards and components why not reuse them to make a sculpture of your own that could turn out to be stunning!

Step 1: Collecting the Components

Go find some old PCBs and start stripping them of their components. Once you have done you can store them all in a container and make sure the circuit boards has nothing left on them.

Step 2: Inspiration

Go google some stuff and if you see something you like save the photo or print it out. Keep this so that you can build it out of the components.

Step 3: Build

There isn't really any instructions it depends on what you chose. If you brainstorm before your build you will probably have a plan before you make it. You can also use the PCBs for bases for your project.

Step 4: Please Share Your Build

If you build a component sculpture please post it on the "I Made this" Sections. Thanks!

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